IQ Retail offers legally and legislatively compliant software, used and trusted by:

Offering national and international branch control over a fully integrated solution, IQ Enterprise offers the best in financial functionality. This solution allows for complete franchise and multi-branch Ledger, Debtors, Creditors and Inventory integration, with hyper-advanced General Ledger consolidation, up-to-date Forex revaluations in accounts payable and receivable, and customised Reporting functionality.
This broad-based financial and functional solution gives you total control over your business’s future. The IQ Business solution offers you everything you need to empower your business in the distributive and retail trades, giving you an edge in the global market, with up-to-date Forex revaluations in accounts payable and receivable, and customised reporting functionality that gives you continual access and control.
IQ POS is an easy to use Point of Sale system with the option of being fully integrated with IQ Business and IQ Enterprise. It offers you powerful functionality, including Extended Debtors/Creditors/Ledger allocations; Extra and External GRV charges; Airtime, EFT, and Loyalty Integration; SMS and Email Marketing; Account and Suspended Sales; as well as Shifts, Cash-up Reporting and functionality in Multiple Currencies.
The Payroll Solution that keeps pay-runs running perfectly smoothly at all times! IQ Payroll is fully integrated for everything from wages to salaries, including IRP5, IT3, EMP201 and payslip reporting. It has the ability to integrate with your clock card solution, eliminating redundancies, and it allows for daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and even yearly payment schedules that streamline your payroll process.
IQ Retail offers the option to rent IQ Enterprise, IQ Business or IQ POS, with the added option of the Workshop module. Contact us to determine if your computer hardware complies with the minimum hardware specifications to run any IQ Retail product, or for a complete solution for your unique business management needs.

IQ Retail gives you business accounting and management solutions designed to work in a retail, distributive and hospitality environment, providing effective, accurate control over your business financial transactions. IQ Retail offers legally and legislatively compliant, IFRS-based software that suits and/or fulfils your unique needs and gives you complete administrative control.